International conference ''Modern Taxi''
Международная конференция такси

The conference will take place on 27-29 May, 2015.   

Venue: 104 Stantsionnaya street, Novosibirsk,  Expo-centre ''Novosibirsk''.

Owners and heads of taxi companies participate in the conference free of charge.

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Registration is open till 25 May, 2015.. 

Contact person: Sergey Martsenyuk +79107001786

Pavel Dortman +79130629324 


            International conference ''Modern Taxi'' is the biggest Forum in Siberia bringing together  taxi industry participants  for finding innovative decisions, improving taxi legislation,  taxi passengers transport rule,  taxi infrastructure and services standards ensuring quality and safety. 

Participants in the Conference 

300 owners and heads of taxi companies from 55 regions of the Russian Federation.

50 companies offering service for taxi industry( software, call-centre service, leasing and insurance) 30 companies -  suppliers  for taxi companies (navigation equipment, taximeters and accessories)

5 car dealers.

More than 50 representatives of controlling and supervising authorities.

More than 10000 visitors of the exhibition within the framework of ''Transport of Siberia 2015'' international Forum. 

Conference structure 

            International conference ''Modern Taxi'' consists of 2 parts:

-        Exhibition and fair of technologies on advanced organisation and control in taxi industry, special  taxi vehicles, special equipment for taxies including equipment for transport of   disabled people.

-        Platform for discussion of issues on development and operating of different taxi services provided in Russia, Eurasia  and internationally. 

Discussion platform 

            In the frameworks of the Conference “Modern Taxi” the following events are planned:

-        Foresight – session of the representatives of legislative and executive authorities “Regional Taxi Legislation”– laws, rules for regional taxi services, regional standards and their implementation will be discussed in the session.

-        Workshop organized by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) with the presentation of the Recommendations drafted by the Smart Move Working Group on passenger transport dedicated to legislation improvement needed for taxi industry. Global Taxi Net (GTN)

-        Workshop ''Information technologies in taxi – business efficiency and government control”.

-        Panel discussion ''Crisis in taxi industry.  Ways of development''.  

Trade show             

Exhibition fair will take place on the platform of the international Forum '' Transport of Siberia 2015''. There you can get acquainted with modern special taxi vehicles, innovative information technologies in taxi controlling, special equipment for taxi, find out more about investment, insurance and leasing in taxi.



The organizers of the Forum “Modern Taxi” are:

Coordinating Council for professional taxi unions (Russia)
НП "Таксомоторные перевозчики Сибири"Non for profit partnership “Transport operators of Siberia
Гильдия такси Кузбасса Kuzbass taxi guild under the auspice of  Kemerovo Chamber of commerce and industry
Министерство транспорта и дорожного хозяйства Новосибирской области  Department of Transport and communication of Novosibirsk region
Департамент транспорта и связи Кемеровской областиThe transport and communication Department of the Kemerovo region
Международный союз автомобильного транспорта (IRU) International Road Transport Union (IRU)
Комитет по транспорту Государственной Думы РФ The event is supported by the State Duma Transport Committee


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